Starz, Movieplex & Encore


With the overwhelming growth of mobile and tablet usage in recent years, Starz was eager to overhaul its previous web experience to ensure that all of its customers could access their online content easily. In collaboration with partnering agency, Sisu, Deedod executed all frontend development (the core of any responsive website). Given the detailed design, complex functional requirements, and aggressive timeline, our team applied its expertise in delivering a strong end product.


Our team collaborated in a fast-paced project flow involving frequent project pivots to accommodate design/functional revisions. We communicated status to the Starz product team on a daily basis and used semi-weekly discussions to ensure complete alignment between teams throughout the product development process. Also, we collaborated on a highly stringent QA process following the initial product development to ensure all potential user issues were discovered and resolved prior to the public release of the new site.


Starz users now engage with a responsive site on mobile, tablet, and desktop seamlessly.  All functional areas of the site are easily accessible and usable based on the user's screen size and orientation, making the new site simple to navigate and use. This usability enhances the exploration process and enables users to easily discover new content.