NFL Mobile Web


Deedod was selected by the NFL in 2011 to collaborate with its mobile product team on the design, development, and implementation of the Mobile Web optimized version of Shortly after, our team kicked into high-gear and managed an intensive project scope under a tight timeline.


Beyond delivering on the NFL’s design requirements for, our team provided proactive planning and creative problem solving at the onset of the project. To ensure stability in the event of increased traffic levels over what was projected by the NFL, we advocated for an enhanced infrastructure compared to what was originally proposed. Also, throughout the development phase, we optimized virtually every component of the site to improve performance and ensure lower page load times. Transitioning into the process of vetting the hosting infrastructure designed by our team, we researched and spoke with a host of vendors and services before choosing an effective path. Finally, we performnace-tuned the site by load testing the environment to ensure constant up time to exceed the NFL’s stringent KPI’s for the 2011-2013 seasons. 


Deedod produced a robust mobile web experience for the NFL by taking advantage of new and upcoming technologies from the frontend (Zepto.js + Modernizr) to the backend (Memcache, Akamai CDN + Page caching). Traffic to the site exceeded more than double the amount projected by the NFL – 385 million projected vs 850 million actual in 2011-12 and 710 million projected vs 1,250 million in 2012-13. Ultimately, experienced 100% uptime over the 2-year period. Following the 2013 Super Bowl, Deedod collaborated with the NFL to facilitate the successful transition of the product in-house to provide for a responsive version of

Happy Client

"After working with many different outside development partners over the years, I can say with complete confidence that deedod's expertise is second to none, and I would recommend their services to anyone.”

– Scott Goldberg, Product Manager, Mobile, NFL