Gatorade Fuel Bar


The task, although simple in thought, could not have been more complex. Gatorade was looking to have a Fuel Bar App created with the different electrolyte infused products on an awesome... virtual... 3D... carousel... to be showcased at the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans. 


Given the flat design comps we were provided at the onset of the project, we listened to Gatorade’s goals and developed a solution that took its innovative concept a step further by generating a 3D product carousel of its G-Series product line. Our team advocated for the use of CSS animation over other available options because mobile devices have better support for it, resulting in a more fluid user experience. 


By advocating for a different solution than originally intended by Gatorade, the resulting Fuel Bar App made a big splash at one of the most highly viewed sporting events of the year. Deedod continues to update Gatorade’s Fuel Bar App for other large sports and entertainment events around the globe.

Collaboration Credits: Agency Kaicon - Producer Marshall Bex and Art Director Lloyd Bagtas